Monday, May 24, 2010


When you think of the words "loose change" two things usually come to mind - someone begging for money and the popular 9/11 conspiracy theory documentary of the same name.  Once you've heard the debut album from Sydney based hip hop crew, 'Loose Change' those two images will soon be replaced by the smooth flows of MC's Rapaport and Ellesquire gliding over the head-nodding melodic jazzy beats provided by producer P major.

This is a very impressive debut album displaying ease and confidence without the usual self-conscious Aussie hip hop staples of pubs, beer, fights and bbq's, reminiscent of early Downside & TZU.  Their topics of life and love are more universal and bring to mind the early releases of Mos Def, Common and Soul Of Mischief.  They even manage to get away with matters of the heart (what a lot of hardcore heads would consider soft) on tracks like 'Call Me', 'Look Around' & 'Those Days', sounding more like Pete Rock & CL Smooth than LL Cool J's 'I Need Love'.

Over all a consistently dope album release worthy of repeat listening and what makes it even more impressive is that they are offering for FREE!!  That's right, free!  Follow the link below, download, listen, comment and help support this incredible new group from Sydney, because, as opposed to asking for handouts in the tough industry of Aussie Hip Hop they are giving and deserve to receive.  Perhaps the next time you hear someone mention the words 'loose change' rather than looking the other way you'll be able to give a high five and quote some 'Loose Change' lyrics.

Free download here...

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