Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Best MC in the world!"

Greetings and welcome to OHHU,

Our first posting is of a favourite Melbourne underground Hip Hop artist who crosses genres with the ease of a duck gliding through a pond. Formally known as MC SYPHON and lyricist behind underrated and unreleased group FORTKNIGHT PRODUCTIONS (with DJ WASABI), he has taken on the persona of PURPLE DUCK, the self proclaimed "Best MC in the world".

With tongue placed firmly in cheek, PURPLE DUCK wages war against swans, warning them to "Get the fuck outta my pond!" in the the constantly shifting styles of this great song, "DUCK MAFIA", which features on his debut release 'DUCK SIDE OF THE MOON'. The song is book ended with hilarious improvs between PURPLE DUCK and DJ FILTHY PENGUIN and features a cameo from DJ PASO BIONIC of TZU and CURSE OV DIALECT.

The second clip picks up right after 'DUCK MAFIA' with PURPLE DUCK delivering a punk fueled song dedicated to his dog in 'DOG WITH WORMS'. A must for all K9 lovers.

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