Thursday, September 10, 2009



Back in July we were invited by KOOLISM to film their first gig in a little while. They were performing with THE HERD to a packed audience at THE PRINCE in St Kilda, Melbourne. The boys threw down an awesome show, packed with classics from their albums 'NEW OLD GROUND' and the ARIA award winning 'PART 3 - RANDOM THOUGHTS', plus a whole bunch of tracks from their new album, 'THE 'UMU', which we are greatly anticipating.

Here's the promo we put together. It's in HD with multiple angles. Just a sample of the KOOLISM LIVE experience you have to see. So, get those tickets, they should be in your town soon.

I've had the privilege of hearing some other songs off THE 'UMU and it sounds incredible. They're definitely gonna blow people away with DJ DANIELSAN producing a diverse range of beats (while still retaining that distinct KOOLISM vibe) and MC HAU showing depth as a song writer, delving into social and political topics while serving up dope word play with skilled delivery. You can get into THE 'UMU on many different levels, whether you're in the mood for some banging hip hop or looking for something to engage with. If there's one album you should buy this year, make it KOOLISM - THE 'UMU.

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